Block 8 – TEDxBeaconStreet

November 20, 2016 10:15 am - 11:45 am

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Robert Cocuzzo
Stephane Bancel
Dan Bricklin
Chip Fisher
Deblina Sarkar

  • Adventure Writer (Robert Cocuzzo) – We all have heroes, but what happens when you follow them the ends of the earth? Hear the story of how one writer went to extremes to understand the life of his late childhood hero, a man who many believed was the greatest skier to ever slide down snow.
  • Law Enforcer (Tony Batts) – Do superheroes really exist ? Those doing what mere mortals cannot. What separates the villain from the hero? Self analysis.
  • Digital Medicine Entrepreneur (Stephane Bancel) – What if mRNA could be a digital medicine? How would we develop vaccines and therapeutics where the patients would make their own healing proteins?
  • Toolmaker (Dan Bricklin) – The release in 1979 of the pioneering electronic spreadsheet VisiCalc changed ¬†business and helped launch the PC industry. Here’s its story.
  • Mental Health Care Visionary (Chip Fisher) – new portable medical devices are being used to treat global mental health symptoms, including insomnia, depression, anxiety & chronic pain
  • Neurotechnologist, Electronics Engineer (Deblina Sarkar) – Have you ever thought if you could enhance your brain? I develop electronic devices which are ten thousand times smaller than the thickness of your hair and consume miniscule amount of power. These devices can boost the performance of your computers and your brain too!