Block 7 – TEDxBeaconStreet

November 20, 2016 8:30 am - 10:05 am

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Ethan Rubin
Phil Sanderson
Jiten Dajee
Kip Hollister
Donald Holder
Ben Mezrich
Ani Liu

  • Musician (Ethan Rubin) – We talk about music as an outlet for creativity, but we teach it as a rote exercise. What happens when you invent using what you’ve learned?
  • Endurance Entrepreneur (Phil Sanderson) – Self-discovery and personal improvement through a 7-day voice fast in one’s daily life
  • Futurist (Jiten Dajee) – Modern society has grown into a digital culture, with the average American spending 10+ hours engaging with a computer screen. What will be the societal impact as we begin to live inside our virtual world?
  • CEO, Mindfulness Expert (Kip Hollister) – How to be more focused, fulfilled, & successful in work & life by bringing your vision to fruition.
  • Broadway Lighting Designer (Don Holder) – The Psychology of Light: How it works, how it affects perception, and how it can be manipulated to support the narrative & evoke a particular emotional response.
  • Author (Ben Mezrich) – Why I now believe in ufos, and why you should too…
  • Artist & Speculative Technologist (Ani Liu) – Can biotechnology be used to create work as moving as music?  Where are the thresholds between science and its ability to change our emotional landscape? Lodged between science fiction and science fact, Ani’s work explores implications of emerging technologies.