Block 6 – TEDxBeaconStreet

November 19, 2016 6:45 pm - 8:15 pm

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Thomas Ermacora
Kristen Puchek
Ruthe Farmer
Camelia Simoiu
Alicia Carroll

  • Mental Health Advocate (Khaliya)
  • Neighborhood Architect & Community Curator (Thomas Ermacora) – A new era in the relationship between citizens & cities has begun. It’s time to crowdsource community wellbeing via open source #urbanism.
  • Inclusion Strategist (Kristen Puchek) – The Millennial label is often misunderstood.  It’s on us to show up differently and truly lead in our organizations.  It’s time to own the label.
  • Crusader for Diversity & Inclusion (Ruthe Farmer) – The messy, hard, and invigorating work of building computer science for the nation fast, cheap AND inclusive.
  • Computational Social Science Researcher (Camelia Simoiu) – What if we could accurately measure racial bias in policing? It’s time to shift the debate away from anger, towards fact.
  • Creative Advocate (Alicia Carroll) – The fight to end rape culture is an uphill battle, but perhaps creative leaders in entertainment can help win it, one plot point at a time.