Block 5 – TEDxBeaconStreet

November 19, 2016 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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Cecilia Smith
Mike Festa
Joscha Bach
Matt Carroll
Karen Firestone
Jeff Saviano
Joy Buolamwini
Matt Henshon

  • Vibraphonist/Multimedia Artist (Cecilia Smith) – Jazz Ideology Applied to Typical and Non-typical Communities in a Multimedia Setting. Theater and Educational Video components with a music ensemble.
  • Technologist (Mike Festa) – Introducing, the open source 3D map of the world that anyone can edit and explore in virtual reality.
  • AI Researcher/Cognitive Scientist (Joscha Bach) — Artificial Intelligence is our best bet to understand the nature of our mind, and how it can exist in this universe.
  • Investigator (Matt Carroll) – Investigative reporting is needed more than ever in a world where unscrupulous politicians and businesses seek to steal from the innocent, lie to voters, and otherwise bamboozle the public. Yet investigative reporting by newsrooms faces a crisis caused by the disintegration of their financial foundations. But there is hope…
  • Becoming a Sensible Risk Taker (Karen Firestone) – Recognize that we face continuous risk and we can apply a sensible risk-taking framework across our personal and professional lives
  • Tax Innovation Leader (Jeff Saviano) – No one likes taxes. But, what if tax policy + innovation + direct democracy (ballot initiatives) = path to mitigate climate change? You might start liking them.
  • Poet of Code (Joy Buolamwini) – After frustrating experiences with computer vision, I am forming the Algorithmic Justice League to fight the Coded Gaze – the unseen bias permeating machine learning ranging from facial recognition to predictive policing.
  • Athletic Advocate (Matt Henshon) – Writing a Supreme Court brief (representing college basketball coaches) showed that affirmative action is not just an issue of justice, but one of national security.
  • Comedian (Joe Gels and Improv Jones) – Creating original improvised comedy inspired by the other talks of TEDxBeaconStreet