Block 2 – TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet

November 19, 2016 10:30 am-12:10 pm -

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Ethan Rubin
Max Feldstein-Nixon
Cheyenne Cochrane
Sebastian Lourido
Cameron Mastoras
Antón García-Abril
Usman Riaz
Marco Tempest

  • Musician (Ethan Rubin) – We talk about music as an outlet for creativity, but we teach it as a rote exercise. What happens when you invent using what you’ve learned
  • Student and Entrepreneur (Max Feldstein-Nixon) – How we can begin to take agency in our own lives and create connections with others by building a bamboo bicycle.
  • Influencer (Cheyenne Cochrane) – The Natural Hair Movement is sweeping the nation and holds deep meaning for many black women. This talk answers the question: why should the rest of us care?
  • Parasitologist (Sebastian Lourido) – Our mission is to uncover the biology of neglected parasites to understand and solve some of the most important problems in global health.
  • Student / Master of Robots (Cameron Mastoras) – Robots helped me love school! Why project-based learning should be embraced in the education system to make school more meaningful for students.
  • Architect (Anton Garcia-Abril) – Said of someone that constructs his dreams.
  • Animator (Usman Riaz) – The Glassworker a story created by Mano Animation Studios – Pakistans first hand-drawn animation studio.
  • Cyber Illusionist (Marco Tempest) – DepthAR (Marco Tempest) – Mixed reality system for student learning.