Block 1 – TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet

November 19, 2016 8:30 am - 10:20 am

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Yoshino Watanabe
Akino Ann Watanabe
JP Jofre
Hunter Henderson
Salva Dut
Liz Powers
Diemut Strebe
Sheryl Winarick
Eric Schilling
Cesar Hidalgo

  • Koto (Japanese Zither) Performers (Akino & Yoshino Watanabe) – Sharing healing music by koto, a 13-stringed instrument symbolizing a dragon.
  • New-Tango Composer (JP Jofre) – I am here share my experience as a composer, performer and also to introduce a particular music instrument that is called “Bandoneon”. A German instrument invented to play religious music in the poor churches in Germany that couldn’t afford to have an organ and ended up being the main voice of Tango music in Argentina.
  • Slopestyle Skier (Hunter Henderson) – Aspiring to do what it takes to become an elite freeskiing competitor.
  • Survivor, Inspirer, Change Maker (Salva Dut) – overcoming hardship for this Walking Boy was just the start of his journey to the U.S. and back to his home in South Sudan.   Challenges remain while helping his people but he’s making a difference with faith, hope, and perseverance.  You can too.
  • Happiness Spreader (Liz Powers) – Discovering talent by seeing past stereotypes of disability and homelessness.
  • Artist (Diemut Strebe) – Vincent as artist, as a genius & Theseus Paradox applied to science in this Sugababe project
  • Immigration Advocate & Explorer (Sheryl Winarick) – Traveling around the USA on a “listening tour” to to explore culture, identity & change while challenging perceptions of “the other” in an effort to transform fear to hope.
  • Online Community Builder (Eric Schilling) – How can we create inclusive, creative, and collaborative online communities for young people around the world?
  • Thinker and Maker (Cesar Hidalgo) – How communication technologies shape our collective memory.